Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Martial Adept

The Martial Adept is a homebrew conversion of the Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords classes from D&D 3.5e: the Crusader, the Swordsage, and the Warblade. I was inspired by the layout of the July 2015 Unearthed Arcana for psionics, and I moved the different schools from Tome of Battle into concentration-based stances that give access to point-based maneuvers. I consider this class primarily finished, in terms of mechanics. If you manage to playtest it at all, be sure to leave me some feedback!

You can find it embedded below.

0.3: Balance changes, changed starting equipment and shuffled all proficiencies into starting class features.
0.4: More balance changes, added fluff, shifted starting equipment around. Added multiclassing requirements. Resisted adding unneeded JJBA references.
0.5: Formatting changes, likely some wording changes.
0.6: More balance changes. Adjusted Swordsage and Warblade features to avoid abuse. Nerfed capstone maneuvers.
0.7: Added extra damage to some maneuvers in line with feedback, the DMG spell creation guidelines, and paladin smite abilities. Thanks, /u/Vesztho!
0.8: Switched around the swordsage's features to make them more "blade wizard"-y.
0.9: In yet another case of me not leaving well enough alone and staying up late into the night for no reason, there is now a set of options presenting the crusader, swordsage, and warblade as class paths for the paladin, monk, and fighter respectively.
1.0: And now, with some balances changes and the addition of ribbon abilities, I'm basically declaring this "done." Time to move on to a different project!
1.1: Minor formatting changes, and switched out the 5-point ability for Setting Sun.
1.1a: Minor changes to Oath of the Crusader and Adept Maximum wording.

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